A Deep Area in Water

A Photo-realistic 3D image of Japanese carp presented in a newly developed display technology.



Koi is a Japanese aquarium version of the carp with extremely brilliant colors and elegant patterns on its body. Koi has been artificially bred for a long time. Utilizing biotechnology nowadays, experienced farmers have refined the art of growing Koi. We are absolutely fascinated by the complexity of the patterns and the vibrancy of its color of Koi. The magic of the Koi’s beauty drove us to catch the supernatural beauty in a small box about the size of our hand.

“A Deep Area in Water” consists of both traditional and new technologies. One of color and shape that has been developed for a long time, and one composed of modern lenses and light projection. Together they form the essence of the Koi’s supernatural beauty in a small space with a strong feeling of reality.


“A Deep Area in Water” is a photo-realistic 3D Koi image that is projected on VDD.

VDD (Vibro Dimensional Display) is a newly developed 3D display technology. Thinly sliced images of photo-realistic 3D object are projected one by one on the translucent screen moving up and down. This screen can move in uniform motion, and its movement is accurately synchronized with the switching images. Then, layers of thinly sliced images are transformed into 3D object in viewer’s brain.


“A Deep Area in Water” is originally developed in 2005 by Tomofumi Yoshida, Yuji Nakada and Hideyuki Ando.