The Life of Game


Interacting with the real world through a common video game interface.

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“The Life of Game”は視覚と身体感覚の関係性を再構築し、人間と環境とのインタフェースについて探るインタラクティブアート作品である。






“The Life of Game” is an interactive artwork designed to explore the human-environment interface by reconstructing the relationship between vision and physical sensation.
Many video games are made with the various actions of the real world as their motif. The interface in common video games is, however, completely different from that of the real world in two ways:

1. You see “yourself” from an objective viewpoint.
2. You hold a controller and push buttons to move “yourself.”

In spite of these differences, we quite naturally accept and enjoy video games.
In this work, the author attempts to re-import the characteristic reality-mimicking interface from common video games and apply it once more to the real world.




The work consists of an electric wheelchair, a video camera, a LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), a video game controller, a PC, and custom-built software.
The LCD is installed in the front of the electric wheelchair and provides the user with a video image of themselves shot from overhead. The electric wheelchair is modified to be operated by a video game controller.
By way of these devices, the user, while viewing themselves objectively on the LCD, moves around the real world not on his/her foot but by pressing buttons.

展示 および 発表

2007年9月4日~14日、ワセダギャラリーにて開催のFuture Imagesにて展示。

PechaKuchaNight in Nagano #3 (2008) にてプレゼンテーション。

Exhibition and presentation

Future Images 2007.9.4 – 14 at Waseda Gallery in Tokyo.

Pecha Kucha Night in Nagano #3 (2008)